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Welcome to Combs Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, Oregon. We have the best doctors in the country to help you look young and perfect. We are located at Willamette Falls Dr # 210, West Linn, Oregon 97068. We are pledged to provide you with a solution or a treatment plan that can be described by excellence, perfection and professionalism. Our treatment can help to reverse the ageing clock by few decades. Besides the physical well-being, the Combs teams take great care of the emotional stability of their patients. At Combs what you get is the best possible beautification treatments, both surgical as well as conservative. We provide a wide range of services at Combs.

Combs bring to you some of the best plastic surgeons Portland Oregon. This is the clinic of Dr. Gregory L. Combs. He is a MD from Vanderbilt University. He studied General surgery from Pacific Northwest. He became intrigued by the world of plastic surgery and methods ever since then. His keen interest in the subject made him pursue further studies and he developed his expertise very soon. He began a private practice in the Portland metropolitan area in the year 1993. He successfully treated many patients and his experience in plastic surgery surmounted. He is a Medical Staff President at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center. Read through the patient’s testimonials to know more about Dr. Combs and his team.

Cosmetic Surgeon Portland, OR

Dr. Combs team has also received many appreciation from the patients at the clinic. Carol Carlson has a degree in Surgical Nursing from Seattle University. She has years of experience in this profession. She has been with clinic since 2001. Rene Saucedo has 15 years of experience in medical assistance. Patients love how Rene puts the patients at immediate ease and into a comfort zone. Kelly Batholomew is the patient coordinator at the clinic. The customer care service she provides is of the professional grade. Kim Combs develop the business and she is a Registered Dental Hygienist.

Combs provide three categories of treatments to patients namely skin treatments, skin rejuvenation, and plastic surgery. Combs has emerged today as of the best facility for plastic surgery of breast, face and various parts of the body like abdomen, thigh, arm, hand and others in Portland.There are many patients who come from the suburbs of Portland like Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Wilsonville, Vancouver and others. If you are searching Google with the keywords like ‘best breast augmentation, Portland, OR’ or breast reduction Portland Oregon, then Combs is the perfect place for you to be. Visit our website at and flip through the Picture Gallery to get a glimpse of the kind of transformation you can expect from this kind of surgical procedures. The pictures are of patients who have benefited from the intricate surgical procedure of Dr. Combs and his team.

Cosmetic Surgeon Portland

Dr. Combs also excels in eye lid reconstruction. He is one of the best surgeons in blepharoplasty Portland, Oregon. Eye lid lift is one solution to the many problems like deep frown lines between eyebrows, eye bags or under the eye puffiness, upper eyelids that droop. Dr. Combs has helped many patients with an eyelid reconstruction undoing the aging process by few years. Patients who have undergone blepharoplasty look younger after they recover fully. The eyes look larger and appealing. If you have similar eye conditions that you prefer to be altered, consult Dr. Combs today and know your options. He has helped many in their beautification and reconstruction process.

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The various surgical and non-surgical processes applied to patients at Combs are first explained to the patient. The doctors are completely transparent about the process and the expected results. With all important and relevant informations, the patients can be guided towards an informed decision. The patient has to choose between different kinds of treatment solutions. For example, if you have decided to go for a breast augmentation, then you will be required to choose between a saline implant and a silicon implant. The pros and cons of various options are informed in detail to the patients by Dr. Combs himself. He makes sure that the scars from surgery are not visible. At Combs, full customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The cost of treatment can be learned by scheduling an appointment at Combs. If you want to know more about how much the breast reduction surgery cost then the help desk on the phone number 503 850 0539 can be used. You can pay through your Visa, Discover or Master Cards. Else you can pay cash directly at the front desk. The payments can also be made through Care Credit or a valid cheque. To know more about payment procedures and options read through ‘Patients Forms’ from the website.

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