Cory Carnley of Gainesville

Travel Blogger

About Me:

Gainesville, Florida resident Cory Carnley, who has made travel become more than just a pastime, is passionate about seeing the world. And even that is an exaggeration of the situation. The fact that it is his life's work is the most acceptable way to describe it. Travel is a must for a native Floridian in the same way other people require air, food, and a place to sleep. So he makes the most of every chance to discover new things.

Even if it seems like a lavish vacation, there is a certain yeoman quality to his adventures. Cory Carnley will not be flying off to any far-flung destinations. He is not breaking new ground in any way, either. Despite this, he is carving out his unique course. He isn't one to sit about idly with his toes in the sand. He has turned his pastime into a full-time occupation. Now that he has been allowed to make money off of his nomadic lifestyle, he no longer travels just for leisure.

As a travel blogger, he publishes written accounts of his adventures online for anybody to read. Cory Carnley, born and raised in Gainesville, is the first person to confess that his decision to become a travel writer was mostly coincidental. He is typical of kids his age because he values experiences above material things more than anything else. Therefore, instead of purchasing the trendiest footwear or most recent piece of technology, he just packed a bag and departed. Because he wanted other people to follow along on his travels, he started his blog as an online journal. His following increased with each post he made.

Initially, he supported his travels via the acquisition of freelance employment. He also published essays in addition to selling artwork. It was the 21st-century version of the phrase "would labor for food" shown on a digital platform. At this point, Cory Carnley is the proprietor of his own budding media empire. He has been able to plan his next journey because of the income he has made through sponsored initiatives and commercials. This is the only thing that is important to him.