Home Sweet Home

Corn Maze Press is currently accepting pitches for their first comics anthology: Home Sweet Home.


Last fall, CMP editor Mazie Lovie created a comic for the Nib about moving into a Habitat for Humanity house. This august, it will be ten years since her family moved in and she wants to celebrate by creating this anthology of comics about HOME.

What is home to you? Where is it? Is it more of a feeling than a place?

Have you been homeless? Or had another housing crisis?

Have trouble finding housing because of high rents, disabilities or some other roadblock?

Do you have stories of traditions only done at home? About leaving home? Or coming back?

Is there a particular good memory you associate with home? Or a particularly bad one?

Do you have ANY story to tell about HOME? If so, ‘Home Sweet Home’ wants to hear it!

This anthology is open to ANYONE! We want to hear stories of ANYTHING relating to you and home! These stories should be autobiographical, meaning they are from your life, or had some kind of affect on you. Is it about your granny not having a home back when she was a teen in the 30s depression? That works too!



Submissions for Home Sweet Home do NOT need to be finished, we’re looking for pitches including a (mostly) finished script. If you have thumbnails or sketches to give an idea of the finished comic, great! But not necessary, you’ll have plenty of time to finish it after acceptances go out.

The application will consist of:

  1. Name & email (doesn’t have to be your legal name for now)
  2. Expected number of pages
  3. Script (doesn’t need to be a particular format, it can just be prose for now)
  4. Sketches, thumbnails, etc, if you have any?
  5. Portfolio (can be a tumblr or instagram, we want an idea of your FINISHED art, even if it’s not comics)
  6. And a few opinions from you

Submissions from teams are welcome! If you have a pitch, but no art skills or artist, we’ll do our best to find you a partner. However, all contributors MUST be of legal age in their home country. Sorry kids, legal stuff is already hard without having to figure out the underage rights.

If you would like to apply as an artist without a pitch, just use the submission form above and state so.

Timeline: Proposals must be submitted by July 15th 2019

Acceptances/edits go out: July 30

Final script due: August 15

Sketches due: Sep 15

Final artwork due (for first 2 pages): Sep 30

Kickstarter begins: Oct 1

KS ends/all art due: Oct 30

The timeline is approximate and may change.

The book: The finished book will be about 40 pages, 8.5x5.5 inches, saddle stitched, black and white or grey scale. Comics will be in english. Some words of your native language (with translation) is acceptable.

Page specs: The final book will be 8.5 x 5.5 inches, black and white or greyscale. All final comics must be at least 300dpi. A template will be provided upon acceptance into the anthology.

Payment: Payment will be $25 USD per page or $20 artist/$10 writer. Payment will come through etransfer one month after the end of the kickstarter campaign. Contributors will also receive one copy free of charge and the opportunity to purchase more at the base cost.

In the event that the kickstarter is not funded, the anthology will be released on Gumroad for 6 months and contributors will be paid proportionally once a month.

Copyrights: All work belongs to the respective contributors. By submitting final comics (and signing a small contract upon acceptance) contributors agree that:

  • Corn Maze Press is allowed to use and distribute this work in return for the agreed payment.
  • Their work may be used online for advertising and distribution in PDF anthology and printed in the physical book.
  • The work is original, not published elsewhere and will not be published online for one calendar year after submission (to keep the mystery so people want to buy our book).
  • In the case of reprint (or later physical print in the case the kickstarter fails), contributors will receive another amount of compensation.
  • No portion of Home Sweet Home can be reprinted without the consent of the editor or creator(s), except in reviews.

Any questions or issues can be directed to cornmazepress@gmail.com or our twitter.