Clive Blake and wife Stephanie on a beach in Cornwall

About Me

I have always lived in the beautiful Duchy of Cornwall on the South Western tip of the UK. The way I view the world and express those views is, obviously, very strongly influenced by my immediate environment and my Cornish and Celtic ancestry.

As with the ‘Liverpool Poets’ whose output is not specifically about Liverpool, the majority of my poetry is not specifically about Cornwall. My poetry is diverse in subject matter and is not confined by borders, national, or international.

My hope is that you will find poems within this site that you like or can at least relate to and appreciate.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.


Logo of Clive Blake performing his poetry as Clive Live

About My Performance Poetry

I perform my poetry under the banner of CLIVE LIVE. The biggest compliment I regularly receive is from members of the audience who tell me that they do not consider themselves as being 'poetry lovers', but then go on to tell me how much they enjoyed my performance.

My performance fee is set at a nominal amount only, as my main aim is to raise the awareness that poetry should be accessible to everyone. Please use the contact form if you require any information regarding my availability.


Screenshot of the website of Cornish Poet Clive Blake

About This Website

Many of my poems have been illustrated with the photography of Chris Robbins and designed to be read from a page rather than a screen. Because of this I have shown the text as well as the illustrated poem so that it is easier to read.

I have kept the navigation of this website simple and easy to follow and used large buttons to indicate links. I hope this helps anyone with less than 20:20 vision. I am severely sight impaired (registered blind) myself and use high magnification when navigating around the web, so I am very conscious of this aspect.