Cornwall Beach's First Fish Sculpture

Cornwall Fish Beach Sculpture

Gloweasy Promotions a Cornish company based in St Austell is gearing towards making Cornwall Beaches beautiful again. Simon Dutton, Brand Director of Gloweasy Promotions is very passionate about the environment and frequently takes part in beach clean activities. Simon’s company Gloweasy Promotions is an accredited seller of green promotional marketing products since 13 years.

All It Takes A Simple Idea To Keep The Beach Clean

Simon has come up with a novel idea that instead of having tons of boring dust bins and rubbish cans all over the beach, he plans to install a one giant see through fish with barbed wires and mesh in Cornwall. The fish will have an open mouth through which visitors can feed it with all the plastic and rubbish.

This giant fish will serve as an attraction and will help educate people and specially kids to understand the importance of recycling and keeping the beach clean in a fun and exciting way. This fish will be first of it's kind in Cornwall similar to Gobi The Fish

Simon is very passionate about the environment and his company Gloweasy Promotions does a lot of beach clean activities. He wants to see a Plastic Free Cornwall. You can check about our beach cleans at

Simon Is Facing Resistance From Cornish Officials

Although the idea seems to be really great and the concept has been welcomed by many which was evident from the petition which Simon started on The petition's name is "Save Cornwall from Plastic Waste It's Now or Never – Gloweasy Promotions". The petition got amazing response from the people of Cornwall, but Simon is facing resistance from the Negative Cornish Red Tape Officials. You can check the press release down below

423 People Say Yes However Local Council Says No!

St Austell Voice Story On Beach Art To Raise Ocean Plastic Awareness

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Recently a leading newspaper St. Austell Voice based in St. Austell in Cornwall did a story on this and it was published in it.

The story was covered by Natasha Swift who is a Chief Reporter at St. Austell Voice.

Crowdfunding GoFundMe Campaign To Bring Cornwall's First Beach Sculpture For Plastic Waste Into Reality

Simon Dutton, Brand Director Of Gloweasy Promotions has started a crowdfunding campaign at GoFundMe with a title "Cornwall's First Beach Sculpture for Plastic Waste".

We request all of you to donate generously to this campaign so that we can have this installed in one of the beaches here at Cornwall. A pot is filled with multiple drops of water similarly a small donation of even £5 means a lot to us.

Change.Org's Petition for Saving Cornwall From Plastic Waste

Cornish Beach Sea Fish Sculpture

Cornwall's First Beach Sculpture for Plastic Waste Donation

Help us to install a huge and beautiful Steel Fish Waste collecting Structure at Par Beach Cornwall S W Coast Path, Par. Cornwall is famous for its lovely beaches and the amazing sea and wildlife. The beaches attract visitors and when they go back, they leave a lot of waste. Par Beach is famous for its views and dog walkers however our local beach also receives the plastic waste and rubbish which is actually harming the marine life and beauty of the beach. We want to raise the awareness for plastic waste and its harmful effects on our beaches in the south west, namely Par Beach to start with. Please donate generously. You can donate by visiting the link -

Simon Had A Meeting With The Mayor Tim Styles Of St. Austell

Simon Dutton, Brand Director Of Gloweasy Promotions met Mayor Tim Styles of St Austell to discuss about the installation of Cornwall's first beach sculpture in form of a giant fish. The Mayor was absolutely delighted with this idea.

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