Cornell Park Nature Play Space

As children, we need time to wander, to be outside, to nibble on icicles, watch ants, to build with dirt and sticks in the hollow of the earth, to lie back and contemplate clouds….

Nabhan & Trimble, The Geography of Childhood, 2004

The Cornell Park Nature Play Space is a project of the Cornell Park Advisory Council (CPAC) and neighbors of Cornell Park. The Nature Play Space provides children the opportunity to play with natural materials; sticks, logs sand, rocks, etc., and to learn about the natural world. The front berm is planted with a collection of native woodland plants, and the back berm is planted with a collection of native prairie plants. The native plants, especially the prairie plants, attract many butterflies and other pollinators, and the park is rich in insect life. This website can be used in the park on mobile devices to learn about features of the park, including identifying native woodland and prairie plants.

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