Cornelius Brand


I'm Cornelius, and in my professional life, I do research in theoretical computer science.


I study algorithms for hard problems in the parameterized setting, as well as the algebraic foundations arising from the methods employed to solve them.

This includes problems as diverse as finding a longest path in a network, finding a spanning tree with few leaves, or solving integral linear programs with special structure.

Some of these questions lead to questions about the complexity of the wedge product on vector spaces and the multiplication map of certain apolar algebras.

For my research, I have received the best paper award of IPEC 2016 for a joint work with Holger Dell and Marc Roth, and the best student paper award of ESA 2019 for some results from my thesis.

You can have a look at my publications on DBLP and Google Scholar.


I have assisted in teaching


I joined the institute of computer science at Charles University as a Postdoc in October 2019, where I work under Martin Koutecky.

Until that, I worked on my PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) at Saarland University, where my advisor was Holger Dell. During that time, I spent a semester as a visiting graduate student at the Simons Institute at UC Berkeley.

Before that, I obtained a Bachelor's degree from the Universit├Ąt Passau in February 2014. During part of my studies, I was supported by the German National Merit Foundation.

Long before that, I was born in (the magnificient Bavarian city of) Regensburg.