Unitarian Universalist Ministry, Ceremony and Sabbatical

Spirit of Life and of Love, may these two live lives richly blessed by love. May they know in their bodies the passion that sparks and burns in mutual allure. May they know in their hearts the glow of shared compassion and respect and caring. And may they know in their hands the light of love turned outward in acts of caring and justice in a world that is always longing to be made anew. In this time of silence I invite you to offer your own silent prayers and good wishes for the couple. So may it be. Amen.

- The Reverend Joseph Santos-Lyons


As a Unitarian Universalist Minister, I’m honored and available to officiate weddings, child dedications, and lead services of remembrance and memorial. I also am available for Spiritual Direction/Deep Listening.

The values I strive to build on are: Authenticity, Simplicity, Intentionality, Reverence, Justice.

As a Unitarian Universalist, deeds, not creeds guide my religious life. As such, services are marked by declarations of the heart, stories of life, with a relevance to creating heaven on earth. Each service has a uniqueness, brought about by the lives of the people involved. My services follow a protestant form, influenced heavily by ideals of spiritual freedom, interdependent mutuality of all life, and integrity. May we be impeccable with our word. I am not a christian, yet am comfortable with ceremonies that are. You may learn more about my faith at www.uua.org.


Let us move and walk with you, spiritually and physically. Sabbaticals, an extended period of intentional rest and renewal, are crucial especially for ministers and religious professionals. We have created our space with an eye towards being a place for longer periods of quiet reflection, reading, and imagining. We are interested in supporting our Unitarian Universalist colleagues and other faith professionals with liberal religious theologies with our space, healthy eating, and connections with resources throughout Southeast Asia.