Tipolo Consulting Group

The Tipolo Tree

The tipolo tree is the namesake of Antipolo City where we are based. A hardy, native tree, the tipolo tree symbolizes our intentions of being grounded, thinking ecologically, and approaching our consulting work holistically.

Meet our team

As our organizations and programs grow, there are often moments when outside consulting or coaching can help evaluate, elevate and re-calibrate the design and impact of your work. Our goal is to support clarifying, aligning, and fulfilling your mission.

We offer a range of services drawing from lived experiences as senior program and executive-level staff roles. Our team of consultants have decades of experience in primarily U.S. and Asia-based NGO administration, community organizing, and political campaign work. Whether it is a short-term gig to help out in a pinch, or a longer agreement to build capacity and achieve your goals, we aim to provide effective, high-quality and compassionate services.

We looks forward to connecting with you and discussing how he may be a good fit for your organization's needs. It is also our practice to offer resources and referrals to other consultants who may better serve your needs.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Staff and/or Board Development

  • Organizational Development and Capacity Building

  • Program Design, Planning, and Implementation

  • Campaign Strategy and Management

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Fundraising, Grant Writing and Funding Appeals

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Building and Group Facilitation

  • Communications, Message Development and Case Statements

  • Coordination of Hiring Processes and Interim Staffing

For more information, please contact tipoloconsulting@gmail.com