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Dating sites are a popular way to find love on the Internet. Which one to choose? To increase your chance of happiness, we reviewed all of them and chose the best ones.

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Online dating in France ?

With France being considered one of the most romantic countries in the world, it is no surprise that online dating activities have found a comfortable niche there. The passionate French are known for their love of love and might even go as far as breaking the rules of the coronavirus (COVID-19) confinement, just to feel the physical touch of a virtual stranger.

Online dating apps and French preferences.

The most popular fee-based apps in France were Badoo and Meetic, both with a 43 percent paying customer share in 2020. However, if French people truly are so romantic, are dating apps and sites really the main channel for them to find friendship or love (or lust)? Most had met their current partners at parties or private parties with friends and online dating and dating agencies were mostly playing in the same court as family reunions or and nightclubs.

Top dating app 2021:

  1. Tinder

  2. Badoo

  3. Meetic

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