Hello, I'm Kim.

I graduated with a Departmental Recognition of Excellence in Language and Literature (Spanish) from U.C. Davis in Northern California. I began my career at one of the nation's first agencies to formally promote brand awareness. I started in production, but switched my focus when I discovered I had a knack for using clear and engaging writing to deliver results.

My proudest moments as a writer are when my work directly impacts funding, donations, and sales. I'm passionate about social equity and environmental preservation, so I'm especially interested in projects that uplift and benefit individuals, community, and our planet.

In my spare time, I'm learning to write graphic novels and have a side business painting pet portraits. I'm a lifelong community volunteer, a percussion and dance lover, and have performed in Carnaval in both Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and San Francisco, Ca. I live with my husband and daughter (who is a much older Soul than either of her parents) in Oakland, California.

On reading my TE CSR Report:

"I couldn't put it down. And when I finished, I gave it to my wife to read!"

Tom Lynch, CEO, TE Electronics