Protect Your Copyrights!

Piracy and copyright infringement can happen any time...
stealing your book profits!

Protect your content with Instant Alerts and a link to pirated sites!
And in 1-click send an official 'Take-down' Notice to demand removal!**

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AI-ENABLED ProtectION FOR Your Content

Once you create your original work, you own it. But to protect your content, you must be pro-active! Content theft happens everyday! Thieves may steal your valuable content and your book profits!

What is CopyrightsLock®?

CopyrightsLock is easy to use system* that helps you protect your copyrighted works from theft or illegal copying.  

If you have been 'pirated' and found your creative work posted other site(s), then start now using CopyrightsLock to send official DMCA Takedown Notices to get unauthorized copies removed!

Not yet 'pirated'?  Be pro-active and start now using CopyrightsLock to monitor the web for potential infringements; then if any are found you receive e-mail alerts with a link to view the site and facilitate automatic DMCA Takedown Notices to get unauthorized copies removed!  

Benefit: Maximizes your potential sales and licensing income!

Visible Protection Shield*

CopyrightsLock Identifies your content with a downloadable Protection Shield and software link to assert copyright ownership and thwart piracy.  Use on books, manuscripts, images, art, illustrations, audio, videos, websites and more... to deter theft and piracy!

How CopyrightsLock® Works

• Provides your personal on-line portal to manage your creative work and track potential infringement

• Proactively scans the web for potential infringements and notifies you with the links of potential infringing sites

• Automatically sends DMCA** Takedown Notice(s) to get illegal copies of your work removed

Your Personalized Portal Dashboard*

• Tracks suspected copyright infringements

• Initiates DMCA 'Takedown Notices'

• Monitors Takedown compliance

* CopyrightsLock includes downloadable protection shield and software code for use in your content and Software as a Service (SaaS) e-commerce subscription to track compliance and protect your content.  Access your personal Client Dashboard from a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android device.   Software is protected by U. S. Patent No. 8,438,113.

** Take-down Notices are a provision of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)... which provides for notice and takedown of illegal infringing content. In United States and European Union, notice and takedown is mandated as part of limited liability, or safe harbour, provisions for online hosts (see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 and the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000 for specific legal provisions and limitations of the law).  

DISCLAIMER: CopyrightsLock® , Digi-Rights and its Affiliate Partners and Service Providers are not law firms and do not render legal advice and are not liable for errors and interpretations of copyright law. Consult with a professional attorney for specific legal advice. Subject to specific terms of service, limitations and disclaimers posted on order landing pagel