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How Copy at Law provides the digital marketing solutions your law firm needs...

As part of my client on boarding process I provide a free Legal SEO Site Audit which comprises of competitor keywords, backlinks etc and your own, with more than 16 data markers for us to use to inform our next digital marketing campaign.

I focus on content to drive organic traffic to your website and by using google analytics you will be able to track exactly how many people are visiting your site, their entry and exit pages. You will be able to see how my content can work for you. Most clients that I work with see a return on their investment (based on guestimation on analytics data) within 6 months.

Difference between SEO writing, Copywriting and Content Writing

There are many similarities and differences which can distinguish SEO writing, copywriting and content writing. Consider the intention between them, the first which is to drive traffic to your website ergo "SEO writing". Copywriting, is concerned with covert selling through the written word - this can be done for law firms by using case studies on how you have helped previous clients, or by focusing on how you can solve peoples legal issues rather then simply explaining legal issues (SEO writing).

By focusing on Copywriting not SEO writing, you will eventually climb the ranks when Google prioritizes your content over your competitor by assessing and comparing click through rates and time on page. Focus on writing for potential clients which will boost your click-to-call rate on your website.

Now, content writing can be a mix of both copywriting and SEO writing but not all the time. Content writing is the elaboration of particular topic on your website, brochure, or even for a Youtube script. This 'elaboration of a particular topic' means to applying your professional expertise to explain the matter to the reader in a laypersons lingo.

Most law practices struggle with this because writing translating legalese to layperson is rather difficult for lawyers because they have spent the better part of their lives communicating with lawyers. This is where I come in.

Get your content right, the first time - Search Engine Optimized and reader friendly

Your website may have 400,000, 800,000 or even 1,208,999 words on it but how many words are readable by your target demographic (potential clients)? I work with my clients on a task by task basis - No Lock Ins and No Contracts. Which means that your firm can benefit from my legal copywriting expertise, sit back and watch for those results to come in.