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SCPA Mentoring Program 2019


SCPA Mentoring Program Elements/Guidelines

  • Designated court time for the Mentoring Program on Thursdays from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
  • TrackitHub invites weekly for those that are will be mentoring (mentors). Six (6) mentors needed
  • to allow 1 mentor per court. Mentors are members who desire to assist other members learn the actual game of pickleball. Mentors should see themselves as players that have played the game for some time.
  • TrackitHub invites weekly to invite those that want to be mentored (mentees) Maximum number will be 3 per court x 6 courts =18 mentees. Mentees are members who have developed the initial skills to play, know the basic rules and have a desire to learn the strategies used during a game.
  • Mentor and Mentee combinations are organized at the courts or just prior to the scheduled time by the Membership Engagement Coordinator
  • Membership Engagement Coordinator must make a decision re play if the weather is adverse and therefore contacts the signed up persons through TrackitHub
  • Mentor Qualities

• Seen as an important and supportive role for themselves and others. To achieve this they must:

Be aware of the structured rules of the game as identified by USAPA

Have a knowledge base of the game that can identify ways to improve playing of the game. In other words, they need to have a good command of the necessary ball play, but must also be able to identify and express ways to strategically change another’s game in order to be more competitive in their game.

Must be able to communicate coaching techniques in a way that is positive and welcoming

Must show a commitment to working for the 2 hours with the assigned mentees Mentee Qualities

• Players who desire support during the actual play of the game. To achieve this they must:

Be aware of the basic rules of the game.

Have interest in playing the pickleball game. Possibly they have taken lessons prior to this support but this is not necessary.

Be open to constructive criticism, willing to ask questions to further understand the playing of the game, and attempt to use the suggestions for change offered by their mentor.

Be appreciative of the volunteer time given freely by their mentor and be able to work with various mentors over time.

SCPA Mentoring Program 2019


In order to ensure a well-organized experience for the mentors and mentees the following process is suggested:

  • Membership Engagement Coordinator to be present to open the Rink Shack, get the supplies and organize the grouping
  • Mentors and Mentees to arrive at the courts as noted in the Trackithub invite. This allows the membership Engagement Coordinator time to be sure that there are enough mentors and can group the mentees. The mentees will be encouraged to warm up on the courts. The mentors will receive the group assignment from the Coordinator and will have the process explained to them as the mentors may change from week to week
  • For the first hour each mentor will be grouped with 3 mentees to allow the mentor to allow play alongside the mentees. This gives the mentor court time but also allows him/her to control the game/ skills to bring in actual play so that he/she can critique the situation and create a learning experience for the mentees
  • Because the Mentoring program has 2 dedicated hours, the first hour will be used for intense mentoring and support in which rallies are started and stopped during a game for learning. The second hour will be for a timed (15 min) Round Robin format with the mentors watching an actual game with 4 mentees and positively coaching all of them. Because most members want to play giving them this opportunity allows them to initiate some of the learning into an actual game
  • At the end of each session it may be valuable for the mentors to ask their assigned group if there is anything in particular they may be interested in learning/practicing to prepare for the following week/group
  • Evaluation
  • In order to ascertain the value of every program especially the Mentoring program which is a new addition to court time, SCPA should ensure that an evaluation is completed. This may be done by:
  • Written survey
  • Conversation at the courts
  • Part of the SCPA survey
  • The official start date for the Mentorship Program is tentatively planned for May 30 2019 6:30 pm
  • The following would need to be in place in order to have this start on this date:

Executive approval

Provide an awareness to the membership so that they know what this is all about and can decide if this would benefit them i.e. email notice to the membership with explanation o Trackit hub invite process in place