3rd mini Album「アストロラーベ」収録
作詞:Kouhei Honma作曲:Kouhei Honma編曲:Copernix
I was wating for her returnStayed up untill after midnightI was thinking to say a wordMake some excuse to look out of a window
We were dancing to the sound of rainMade up of power relationshipsWe cracked a window just a bitTo get out of the hell
Look up
The rain stopsWe can see a rainbowLike a house of cardsThe hedgehopWe can't to get out of breath in no timeThe rain stopsThey lifts off a raincoatLike a cat on the prowlWe can't to get out of hell
You need not goYou need not fearI want nothing any moreI want to lie down