Online nomination & Application System

Coordinator Guide


This online application system has been created to help you easily nominate and apply for programs, and provide immediate online application status. Please note that all international exchange students who wish to study at HUFS are required to apply for our student exchange program through this system.

General Guidelines

For Partner Schools and Prospective Exchange Students

  1. This online application system is only for student exchange with partner universities and CONAHEC* members for the regular semesters or international summer session.
      • * CONAHEC members must first nominate their students through the CONAHEC portal and then nominate them through the HUFS online system.
  2. Exchange coordinators at our partner schools and officially nominated exchange students only are allowed to access this system

Partner Institutions

Each current partner institution is given its own log-in ID and the exchange program coordinator at our partner university can access to our system using the institution ID and password.

If you are a coordinator or a professor who is in charge of student exchange program (for out- bound students) at our partner university, please log into our system to update your information and generate HUFS application portal login information for your students.

Contact Info

MRs. Yuna Park

Student Exchange Manager (Inbound)

Tel. +82-2-2173-2062 (Inbound Only)

Dr. William Stewart

Assistant Exchange Manager (Inbound)

Tel. +82-2173-2659 (Inbound Only)

Application Documents