Venue: Aula G3 San Tommaso

Entrance on the left hand side of Chiesa San Tommaso.


Hotel Excelsior

Piazzale della Stazione, 25

(+39) 0382 28596

Hotel Aurora

Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, 25

(+39) 0382 23664

Locanda della Stazione (affittacamere)

viale Vittorio Emanuele II, 14

(+39) 0382 29321

Please, be aware that September is high season in Pavia. We encourage you to make your reservation as soon as possible.

How to reach Pavia


Pavia is about 30 minutes by train from Milan. The train schedule is available here. Be sure to insert “Pavia” as a destination for your trip (NOT “Pavia Porta Garibaldi”).


There are two main airports in Milan: Milano Linate-LIN (the closest one) and Milano Malpensa-MXP.

When you check the train schedule, be sure to insert “Pavia” as a destination for your trip (NOT “Pavia Porta Garibaldi”). In general, bus tickets can be purchased on board from the driver, while for the train you should buy them online or at the kiosks.

From Milano Linate airport (LIN):

You can take Autostradale Airport Bus Express from just outside Linate airport to Milan, here the schedule. You can stop at the last stop in Milan Centrale and take another train (you can check the schedule here). Otherwise, we would suggest you to stop before at Milan Lambrate (15 minutes trip). Then, from the train station in Milan Lambrate, there are several trains stopping in Pavia, you can check the schedule here (30 minutes).

Another possibility is to take the ATM “Airbus” from just outside the airport to Milan, here is the schedule (you should look at the second page, “Partenze da Linate”). The Airbus has two stops: Piazzale Dateo and Milano Centrale. There are direct trains to Pavia from both Milano Dateo station and Milano Centrale station, you can check the schedule here. Please note that the Milano Dateo train station is underground.

From Milano Malpensa airport (MXP):

Take a train here from the Malpensa Aeroporto T1 (Milan, Aéroport) to Pavia (Pavie). There is no direct train, you should change train at Milano Nord Bovisa and take the correspondence to Pavia as indicated on the ticket. The total train trip is about 1h40.