Fencing Contractor Atlanta

How Contractors Help Property Owners With Fence Installations

In Georgia, property owners choose to install fencing for a variety of purposes. Among the reasons are increased security and privacy. The type of fence they choose determines if the installation achieve all the owner's goals. A local contractor explains the differences among the Fences Atlanta selections and how the products benefit the owner.

Obtaining a Permits

The contractor completes all necessary documents to secure the construction permits for the fence installation. Certain city ordinances require property owners to secure a permit before starting any construction projects. The property owner won't incur any costs for the permit, and the contractor schedules all necessary inspections during the installation.

Defining the Property Lines

The contractor can review property documents and determine where the property lines lie. The crew places stakes along the property line to prevent common issues that could lead to a property dispute for the owner. The workers will also follow the directions of local utility companies when digging holes for the fence and avoid utility line damage.

Scheduling the Fence Installation

Next, the property owner schedules their fence installation. The contractor provides a projected deadline for completing the project. In most cases, the property owner isn't required to be present during the installation. However, the contractor will need a contact number in case an emergency arises. The contractor will bring all supplies for each phase of the installation to the property. If an existing fence is removed, select contractors may provide waste management services.

Warranties and Service Contracts

All new fence installations come with a warranty that covers the fence according to its projected longevity. Some manufacturers may provide an extended warranty for the product, and the contractor provides details about how to acquire the warranty. Select contractors may also provide service contracts for the fencing upon request.

In Georgia, fences are an ideal solution for increasing the security of residential properties and to achieve maximum privacy. The installations are managed by contractors who acquire necessary permits for the project and define the location of all property lines. Select properties may be available with a warranty and a service contract. Property owners who want to learn more about the products are encouraged to contact a Fencing Contractor Atlanta right now.