Continental Computers Releases Funeral Home Software

Continental Computers Inc, one of the emerging software providers in the world, releases ​Funeral Home Software​ to Serve the Death Care Industry. The company has just released their Funeral Home Software, to expand their suite of products which also includes Cemetery and Crematorium Software. Continental’s packages include: Crematory Manager, Cemetery Manager, Leads Manager, Aftercare Manager, Pet Crematory Manager, and Continental Accountant. The firm also offers development tools called Directors Assistant.

The new software enables funeral homes to achieve records management accuracy, efficiency and enable legislative compliance. Continental Computers worked with prominent funeral management professionals in order to implement features that really matter.

As with their other software tools, Continental Computers’ ​funeral home management software​ includes “the core” which can be used alone or you can add additional components to suit the needs of your funeral home / funeral directors. All components are fully-integrated with each other, providing a single funeral home software program to manage all of your funeral home records management needs in one intuitive system.

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