Content And SEO Strategy


You may be thinking what is TAR and what does it have to do with SEO strategy and my business? Well it matters, so let's take a look at what it is and what it means. TAR is an acronym that stands for:

T = trust

A = authority

R = reputation

In order to stand out from the rest it is a must that you have these three qualities. Trust, authority, and reputation meshed together make the DNA of the most successful and powerful SEO and content marketing campaigns. Without having TAR these campaigns would be all watered down and of no effect. We will discuss some essential tactics to build and strengthen the TAR of content marketing and SEO campaigns.

Ask The Two "W's" and One "H"

You may be wondering what are the two "W's" and one "H"? They are Why, What, and How! Asking these three helps to pretty much cut out all the fat or unneeded information. It gets you straight to the point. Every TAR step should explain the Why to capture emotion. The What and How rationalize those emotions.

Start With "Why" Every Time

Why should always be asked first. One of the many mistakes of most SEO professionals is that they only focus on the What and How of clients products and services. They fail to target the emotion side by asking the Why. It is important to remember that these three go hand in hand and must be incorporated together. Always ask the Why first to capture the emotion and follow up with What and How to rationalize the emotion. Mixing these three elements with TAR means a life long relationship with a company and it's products.

The Follow Up Of Why

Once a prospect has been appealed to the emotional aspect, it is now time to back those emotions up with rational data, but how? Yes you guessed it right! We can do this with What and How. At this point the What and How break down a company's offerings. This will inform about the product and services and how they work, function, or how a service works that is being provided. The more the What and How are defined gives the prospect a full understanding and this begins to build respect and the TAR elements take effect.

Who To Ask The Big Question

When you need to get insight on your business from a digital marketing strategy to keep your TAR strong you need to ask the right people. You want to ask questions to those who deal with the day-to-day customer relations. This could be the marketing team, CEO, founder, sales team, and those on the front line. Each one can provide unique insight that can build up the TAR even more. Once you have the Why completely answered and follow up strong answering the What and How, your online brand can build up faster and stronger than the rest.