Contact Lenses

Corrective Lenses to Suit Any Lifestyle

Since the introduction of contact lenses, there have been many developments to increase comfort and the length of time lenses can stay in the eye. At first, contact lenses had to be removed at the end of every day. Those lenses had to be cleaned with a saline solution and kept in a special case to keep them from drying out. The situation did not fit into hectic schedules that have professionals traveling for days and weeks, researchers on expeditions for months at a time, or full-time students with full-time jobs.

Times Have Changed

Today, there are contacts designed to remain in the eye for one day, one week, two weeks, and one to three months at a time. People can sleep, travel, and go about their business without giving their lenses a second thought. The process of choosing contact lenses that will best suit the eyes, the degree of correction, and the lifestyle of the wearer begins at the office of the eye doctor.

A Consultation

Once the extent of the vision correction needed is determined, a discussion with the eye doctor is necessary to explore the types of lenses that will correct vision and protect the eyes. Patients with dry eyes, for example, may be encouraged to choose lenses that need to be changed more often than preferred. Two weeks may be the longest time lenses can be in place before scratching of the eye is a risk.

Those who can wear lenses for up to three months will need to make note of when those lenses must be changed. It is not wise to leave lenses in past the expiration date. Damage to the eyes is a serious risk because the proteins and enzymes of the eye will begin to break down the lens material if left in too long. Mark the date on a calendar, set an alert on the smartphone, or program it into the computer day planner application to avoid going past the time limit of the lenses.


Pricing ranges based on the brand and the longevity of the contacts. Buying online will make it more affordable to change lenses when needed. Brand names, the correct prescription, and lower pricing will be found on websites that have been in operation for a decade or longer.