Knowledge is Power

We Live in a VERY Special Time:

Although we are thrown much misleading information and news these days, we are also very lucky to use our own discernment and technology to get the answers we are searching for. We are surrounded with so much knowledge from our ancestors and our passed experiences as well as live in the technological era of inventions and understanding. I am advocate of being responsible for your own health and becoming your own doctor. As well as becoming your own researcher and and scientist and seeking out all knowledge and information for yourself. Do not just get told things and believe it as truth. Use what others study and share with you as a jump start to fuel your own research. This section is dedicated to all of my findings to topics I feel are very important to all for the betterment of the world. Please take is as just that, i am only sharing with you what is helping along my journey.

Exploring Fullerenes, Elite Shungite & , C60:

Here I will provide all material I feel will help you understand why I feel everyone should know and work with Fullerenes, Elite Shungite, and C60. May my findings light up your path to innerstanding. Please check out SkinDeepVitality on Youtube for more playlists and videos on subjects such as these.

C60 Rat Study.pdf

Exploring 5G:

Exploring Hydrogen: