Conscious Kitchen SJ

Sharing to create a better world

Conscious Kitchen was started to create awareness towards everything we surround ourselves with. Referring to anything and everything we as a human species are around on a daily basis. Nowadays our water, food and everyday products are made of inorganic materials. Making it extremely difficult for our bodies to function at its highest capacity. We are made up of mineralized water, the periodic table of elements, and microbes. Therefore how we aid our body in these areas dictates our overall conductivity, health, and vitality. We are here to help one another grow, heal, and have mastery over our gifts. Our gift, Our purpose is to share food,information, protocols, and tools to strengthen the human body for the betterment of the world.We utilize and connect with local farmers markets to provide in season and non- GMO produce in our dishes and workshops. It is very important for us to stress to the community how important gut health is and how to aid your body with living foods and ferments.

We Are The Change We Want To See!

Mother Earth needs us to share with one another for the betterment of ourselves and the world.