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Online Portfolio Evaluations

$40 for 1 student

$80 for 2 students (per family)

$120 for 3 students (per family)

$150 for 4 students (per family)

*For 5 students or more, add an additional $30 for each child (per family)

Homeschool Consultation & Choice Navigator Information

This will be a 1-hour consultation one-on-one, specific to homeschool. We can discuss your plans, how to plan, special needs, evaluations, high school, college, curriculum, scholarships, and more. The hour is dedicated to you and any questions you may have in regard to homeschooling. Please fill out the google form to help me understand your situation more.


Please be mindful of the time because I do book back to back. If you need more time you can sign up for a 2 hour block.

1-hour: $80

PIAT Testing

The Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT) assesses the abilities of pupils and students in the following areas;

Cost: $70

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Accepted forms of payment: Paypal, Venmo, Cash App and check.

Questions? Email me at leilani@livingwitheve.com