Meet Angela...

Angela has been training and developing leaders and their teams with DISC tools for over 20 years in the corporate and direct sales arena. Through the years, there has been a growing need for work/life balance. When employees are managing healthy home lives and relationships, they manage their work lives with greater efficiency and satisfaction. This drives productivity and increased employee engagement.

Because home is the foundation of all relationships, we focus on families first. Then we teach them how to bring this new view on communication and understanding to every area of their life...including the workplace.

We equip individuals, couples, teams and families with tools to better:

  1. Understand the value of each individual
  2. Appreciate each others differences.
  3. Adapt to the needs and behaviors of others
  4. Interact with greater ease and joy

We work individually in a private setting or a group training environment. We are available to travel the continental US currently and also offer online courses, individual and group coaching, as well as facilitate mastermind communities.

If you are interested in bringing greater awareness, understanding, appreciation and satisfaction to your world, contact us for more information.