How it works

The aim of Connecting Hands is to connect skilled volunteers to empower worthwhile causes. We want them to connect both locally and internationally with people and organisations.

From the skilled volunteers we ask for time and strategic expertise, such as:

o professional and business skills

o personal and life skills

We want our volunteers to connect with people and organisations, and in doing so become more aware of what challenges and opportunities there are. They quickly see that they can play a role in building the community and encouraging the aspiration of others, developing their own skills and experience in the process.

The causes could be:

o Individuals – such as youth looking for support and direction in life through professional mentors.

o Organisations - Islamic organisations, charities, social projects

Although our main focus is on UK organisations, we are happy to support causes throughout the world.

The reasons and benefits of our unique approach include:

o For volunteers –

        • Sharing experience -> teaching is excellent way to learn
        • Possessing skills entails social responsibility
        • Altruism - disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.
        • Reward – developing people and intuitions that will last longer than we do
        • Future growth – meeting new people and learning more skills

o For the cause –

        • Receiving valuable input they could not afford
        • To improve their life chances.