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1st annual Summer Region Backgammon Tournament at held at Bachi's was a total success. $1,105.00 prize money was awarded. 1st Place Tom Meyer - Southbury, 2nd Place Bill Porter, Terryville, 3rd Place Andy Fazekas, Milford.

So nice to see great success for the backgammon championships held yesterday at Bachi's Ristorante in downtown Torrington.

Special thanks to the Brass City Backgammon Club directors; Sandra and Jim Sisti, Al Cantito, Ed Corey, and Gerhard Roland, who all worked hard to prepare for, and to conduct this event.

The venue was very comfortable and met our every need. The lunch was delicious. 18 players competed. The BCB will schedule another Saturday tournament this fall.

Link to 22 photos by Ed Corey on Facebook

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