The Connected Neighbourhood Project

“Cooperation and association are essential. Through association we find happiness and development, individual and collective.”

What is the Project?

Moved by this desire to our neighbourhoods stronger and more connected, we invite you to participate in this project for your neighbourhood. The idea is to foster the opportunity for neighbours to connect with one another, to know each other, to build friendships, to find opportunities for service and to respond to the needs of the neighbourhood. There are no limits to the multitude of ways in which we can help one another in a spirit of fellowship.

How Do I participate?

You can volunteer for your neighbourhood. It is simple: you can initiate the project by contacting and gathering the neighbours in a way that is fitting and unique to your neighbourhood or street. Send an email, knock on doors, phone, send a note, and so on to reach out. Experience shows that neighbours generally welcome the opportunity to know each other in the neighbourhood. Be positive.

Please register as a volunteer here.

What is the Goal?

Our goal is to have 50 volunteers in different neighbourhoods throughout West Vancouver in the first year of this project.

What Activities can we do?

Here are some ideas from some neighbourhoods that have started:

  • block party
  • back yard BBQ
  • informal dinner gatherings
  • garden visits
  • movie nights
  • porch concert
  • gardening workshop
  • buying club

Networking opportunities:

We can introduce you to other volunteers who have some experience in this community building initiative. You just need to let us know if you wish to be contacted in the registration form.

Next Summer, we will be inviting all volunteers to get together to reflect and share their experiences. Thank you for giving this project your kind consideration.

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