At the same time as the exhibitors will offer their proposals for industrial tourism and visitors will be granted the privilege of enjoy tastings, workshops and demonstrations in the exhibition area of B-Industrial, PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL TOURISM CONFERENCES will be held on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd. During these days there will be presentations of industrial tourism products and services, communications and you can be part of round tables and debates.

There will also include visits to examples of industrials tourism spaces such as Agbar Museum and the Old Can Casarramona Factory (Caixaforum).

This edition will dedicate the conferences to the:

“The Role of voluntary service in the management of industrial tourism”.

For your convenience, we open the possibility of submitting communications to all who consider that they can explain and share a real case experience about this topic (see Communications section).

People, who are not accredited professionals or exhibitors in B-Travel, will be able to attend the Conferences in accordance with the established conditions (see Registration section).