The First International Conference in L2 Listening (ICLL) hosted by the ELT program at PUCV aims to promote the dissemination of completed work and work-in-progress of research studies, pedagogical reflections and successful practices in the area of L2 listening comprehension in the Latin American context. It also seeks to encourage research work in this area. We strongly encourage presentations around the theme of the conference “Challenges in teaching and researching L2 listening in EFL contexts”, but also welcome presentations in any associated themes: metacognition in L2 listening, flipped learning and L2 listening, multimodality and L2 listening, L2 listening and learner variables, textual support in L2 listening, listening in classroom interactions, L2 listening and special needs, pronunciation and L2 listening, listening strategies, use of authentic materials, technologies for L2 listening, listening assessment, factors affecting L2 listening comprehension and task design in L2 listening.

Key dates

First call for proposals: January 16th, 2017

Second call for proposals: February 10th

Deadline for submission: Feb 28th

Notification of acceptance: March 13-15th

Pre-registration starts: April 1. Limited seats.

Conference day: May 18th from 8:30 to 18:30 pm

Types of contributions

The first international conference will have four types of contributions.

  1. Research and development: an oral summary that discusses the presenters’ empirical work in relation to underlying theories.
  2. Reflective practice: this format encourages classroom teachers to share a technique for teaching listening/assessing, criteria for materials selection and/or development. The theory underlying the technique should be presented in the first 10 minutes
  3. Electronic poster: serves as an informal forum for sharing the presenters work in PowerPoint or any other multimedia format. Presenters place their computers on a high table and share their work as interested attendees ask questions and give feedback.
  4. Workshop: A hands-on professional development activity. The leader helps participants develop a specific teaching or research technique. Handouts are expected from the audience

Scientific committee

Organizing committee

  • Dr. Mónica S. Cárdenas-Claros (Conference chair)
  • Dr (c) Jannett Fonseca, Dr. Katharina Glas, Mg. Eugenia Alfonso, Mg. Ricardo Benítez.
  • Assistants: Astrid Campos, Carolina González, Daniela Ramírez, Kimberley Puentes, Jimmy Vera, Loreto Gutiérrez, Luis Alberto Reyes and Alejandra Toledo.

Sponsored by CONICYT through Fondecyt project # 11130456