Sylvia pellis

psychodrama and Traumasexuality

Saturday, 14.00 to 17.30

Sylvia Pellis, qualified Psychodrama Therapist and Drama Therapist. Experienced in forensic psychiatry in The Netherlands and Germany (addiction-forensic). Formerly she worked within a psychotherapeutic centre and the last few years she has been working for a mental health institution (GGZ) with people suffering from addictions and/or having personality disorders. She has always liked and worked a lot with groups. Initially groups of men (forensic) and later on mixed groups (psychotherapeutic). Apart from that she works with individual clients.

The subject is emotionally charged and understandably so. It is about trauma and it is about sex. Sexual abuse victims are frequently faced with healthcare professionals who do not want, dare or are allowed to burn their fingers on this subject matter. The workshop offers tools to healthcare professionals who feel inability to act due to fear to these topics and towards abused clients. The tools comprise of theory, vision and experience. The latter is done by placing symbols/chairs, taking positions, exploring the scope of the (huge) impact of the perpetrator/act and recognizing the consequent behaviour of the victim. Moreover participants will be introduced to a working method enabling them to get started with clients. A method in which clients will feel recognized, seen and heard, giving them the opportunity to start feeling their emotions, while providing a safe and secure environment. It offers a place to explore the old position towards the perpetrator and to experiment and play with their current position towards the perpetrator and so their current position to the outside world. Possibly the participants will be emotionally affected working with this subject matter, which may and should be part of this workshop. An in-depth workshop in which things may be mentioned as they are.