Roman Ludkiewicz & igor Hanuszkiewicz

in the dance with mnemosyne and leta. remembrance, oblivion, change...

Saturday, 09.00 to 12.30

Roman Ludkiewicz, born 1963 in Gdansk. He lives in Gdansk and is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and supervisor, therapist and psychodrama trainer. 30 years he worked with people with mental disorders and I participate in social activities against the stigmatization of people with mental illness. His wife name's is Beata and he has a 17 years old son - Ignacy. Roman likes "dolce far niente".

Igor Hanuszkiewicz, born in 1973 is a psychodrama trainer and therapist, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist. He has 20 years of experience in work in private practice and the day treatment center for psychotic patients in Cracow Jagiellonian University Hospital. Last year he started with his fellow psychodramatist an expiremant in leading supervision group using psychodrama techniques and ideas. He has a wife who is also psychodramatist and two teenagers who have their opinion about parents interests.

The change that occurs on the scene during the protagonist’s play was called by Moreno „the true second time of the situation”.

  • But who will tell us about the first time?
  • We will probably search in our memory..
  • But can we really rely on it?

Me and „my” memory..

  • What kind of relation is this?
  • Full of friendship, trust and confidence or rather suspicious, uncertain and vicious?
  • Does our memory make us stronger or does it disturb us?
  • Do we desire to remember or do we want to forget?
  • Do we forget and recall „by chance” or with a huge effort?
  • How can we influence our memories and what does creativity have to do with it?

With the help of surplus reality we would like to invite you to participate in the creation originating from the encounter of personal and collective memory.