manfred jannicke & Hilde gött

Sociodrama: Europe and Talos - Roots and future of the modern Europe?

Sunday, 10.30 to 13.30

Manfred Jannicke, born 1965 in Berlin into a family consisting of NSDAP/Wehrmacht members to the one and socialist/communist party members to the other side. Manfred graduated as a male nurse, social pedagogue, certified Leader of Psychodrama (PAfE/DFP) and supervisor and serves as head of a diaconal organisation for protection and welfare of children, adolescents and their families. He is father of two children, living in Berlin.

Hilde Gött, born in Romania as a granddaughter of SS members whose wives were deported to Siberia. Trainer, Director, MSc Psychodramapsychotherapy. Hilde is Certified Trainer and Supervisor (DGSv) of Psychodrama for the “Psychodrama Association for Europe”(PAfE) and has been teaching more than 20 years in Germany and Europe. She is a Children and Adolescent Therapist, focusing on trauma, domestic violence and suicidal cases.

The abduction of Europe in the ancient greek mythos lead to the birth of every modern European people. She, Europe, was provided by Zeus with a guarding giant named Talos. Among the many humanoid gods and bestial monsters of Greek mythology, Talos is a very peculiar one. Said to stalk the shores of Crete, he pelted suspicious ships with rocks and immolated enemy soldiers with its smoldering embrace. This is a very actual picture. In the form of a big group sociodrama we will have a short look on several incidents and technological developments which occur actually in the EU.

How can we take this as psychodramatists? What are our impulses? What our needs? What do we want to happen? Is there anything to be done? And what about our great European predecessor Moreno who spoke about himself as a refugee child, born on a ship offshore?

Let's find out, what continuation the greek legend tells us and what we can make out of this!