Irena Shmack & olga moskalenko & elena Belinskaya

where from do the Wings of change?

Saturday, 14.00 to 17.30

Irena Shmack, Psychodrama is her true love and she plans to carry it through all my life. Her encounter with psychodrama occurred 10 years ago and since then they have been inseparable. She is proud of her teachers - Fred Dorn, Eduardo Verdu, Anna Belanska and many remarkable personalities of the European psychodrama, because each of them has enriched her with his charisma, theory and practical tools.

She constantly runs psychodrama groups in Minsk (Belarus), co-trainer with Lena Belinskaya and Olga Moskalenko and she keeps learning and growing.

For 6 years she is director of the Help Centre for women and children, that is the only one in Minsk and the biggest in Belarus. She hopes that many women who have lost hope, thanks to psychdrama, have grown wings of hope and change.

Olga Moskalenko, Psychologist, psychodrama - therapist, gestalt practitioner. She is a member of the European Psychodrama Association (PAFE). The experience of teaching and coaching in psychology over 17 years. The head of the educational center for children "Country of Knowledge", a project for adolescents on the development of soft-skills - "Big Dream", leading the educational program for teachers - psychologists "Introduction to psychodrama", leading educational programs in general psychology, developmental psychology in Minsk, psychologist - Expert programs on Belarusian television. Experience working with groups and individually since 2002. She took part in psychological conferences held by the Moscow Gestalt Institute, LLC Center for Classical Psychological Counseling and Examination, private unitary enterprise Coaching Center, Moscow and European Association of Psychodram Institutes.

Elena Belinskaya, Psychologist, psychodramatist, member of the PAFE. Since 2017 she has been conducting private practice, conducting training seminars, trainings, psychodrama therapy groups. Author of several books and articles on the organization of psychological work with preschoolers, their parents and teachers.

The wings of changes do not appear from nowhere, they grow out of various life roles. Their roots are in families and family messages, traditions and rites. The life story influences the form, the length, the colour and the amplitude of our wings. How do I feel the wings in my body, do I have them? Are they opened, do they want to open, do they have any impulse to move? We invite you to investigate, from where the wings grow, how have you been growing your wings in your life, how do you feel them and how can you change them or grow them now for yourself.

The language of the master class is Russian (translation into English is possible).