ina hogenboom

working with two protagonists

Saturday, 09.00 to 12.30

Ina Hogenboom, is working as a psychologist and psychodramatist (TEP) in her private practice in Leiden in the Netherlands. She provides training and supervision in Psychodrama.

A Psychodrama Strategy for Conflictual Interpersonal Relationships

In most psychodrama we work with one protagonist. Psychodrama is also used in couples therapy to facilitate change in the relationship. Valerie Simon (2017) uses shifting seats (role reversal), the empty chair technique and doubling. Eva Leveton (2008) describes the use of sculptures and doubling in couples therapy.

One of the main concerns in couples therapy is how to prevent or change the ‘blame frame’.

Leni Verhofstadt-Denève developed a strategy to work with psychodrama with couples in conflict. She refers to her method as the “Simultaneous Action-Observer Strategy”.

This method is clear and structured, it has five stages which are described in detail. Following this method with these stages gives you an easy to use framework to start working with psychodrama with couples and stay away from the ‘blame frame’.

In this workshop the method and stages of the strategy will be explained and explored in action, followed by actively working with the model.