iIlona Görög & Albert-Lörincz Enikö

magic of the intersubjective space in balint psychodrama groups

Saturday, 14.00 to 17.30

The authors, as psychodrama therapists have a special interest in Balint psychodrama.

Ilona Görög is accredited Balint-group leader of Romanian Balint Association, and has performed during the past years several demonstrations in Romania and in Hungary.

Albert-Lörincz Enikö has a complementary training in Group-analysis.

Dealing with hidden emotions using mirror neurons and self-reflection.

The aim of the wokshop is to present the Balint Psychodrama born from the skilful combination of two other methods, in order to highlight both its peculiarities and the benefits of its application in socio-human fields.

Specialists from several fields are invited to our workshop: education, clinic, social assistance, special pedagogy…. This method has a wide applicability in working with groups, helps to understand what is happening in the intersubjective space, helps to decipher the latent contents of interpersonal relationships.

After a theoretical introduction, the participants will be invited to attend a demonstrative group and to discussions on their own experiences with the groups they lead.

The aim is:

  • to understand the relationship system in which we live and work (in special, to understand relationships with group members, group as a separate identity, as well as their own personality)
  • to analyze our burdensome cases, in which we can better see our way of working with patients in our professional relationships - so we can develop professionally and personally.

Methods used in demonstration

  • role play: professional role and personal role - focus on transfer-contratransfer
  • free associations and/or fantasies: see through other eyes, multiple mirrors, relationship sculptures, etc.
  • work with the body
  • raising awareness: knowledge or perception of a situation, a fact, or of the emotions - new perspectives.