Evaldas karmaza

god with many faces. role taking, playing and distancing

Saturday, 14.00 to 17.30

Evaldas Karmaza, Psychodramatist (CP), educational psychologist, member of PAfE and IAGP. Working currently on private practice, leading numerous seminars and from time to time - regular psychodrama training groups or seminars.

People have important task - to find their own face/identity. We call in psychodrama building the appropriate role repertoire. This task stays for life, as the inner and outer (seen by others) picture is partly in constant change. But for persons is important to find the comfortable roles that may describe her or him. Many theories state that due to social environment person gets already the identity that cannot be changed. Woman, child, student, Lithuanian, Polish, German, Jew, father and others. For people it takes sometimes long way to get acquainted those as part of "me". Psychodrama goes further. It states that every person has higher freedom in choosing much more flexibly the personal identity, or the roles as we call it.

In the series of Game of Thrones there are the episodes about the Many-faced God in the city of Braavos. Otherwise it is called the God of Death. Sounds scary, but it hides great link with psychodrama idea - roles are created, so as well they may be killed. We call it 'distanced" so it stays in your repertoire, whenever you need it. But you may not be closely attached to it. It becomes extremely valuable in cases of uncomfortable or even hard roles that people tend to prescribe to you, or you carried for a time with great success until recently. Many-faced God kills that face. Do you it with your role? Please join the workshop and explore together how we may enrich the life of clients as well our personal life by better understanding and managing the roles - many faces we carry.