Dr. clark Baim

Integrating Psychodrama and Attachment Theory

Saturday, 09.00 to 12.30

Dr. Clark Baim is a Senior Trainer in Psychodrama Psychotherapy (UKCP, BPA) and Director of the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama in the UK. He is also the Co-Director of Change Point Learning and Development, providing training for many different organisations internationally. He is currently the Honorary President of the British Psychodrama Association and is a recipient of the BPA's Lifetime Achievement Award (2018). Clark has more than thirty years of experience in groupwork, group psychotherapy and staff training, focusing in particular on work in prisons and probation centres. He has run psychodrama groups in prisons and has travelled to more than 17 countries to deliver training in psychodrama, attachment theory, forensic psychotherapy, supervision and experiential methods in groupwork. Clark has published widely in the fields of attachment, forensic treatment, psychodrama, co-working and applied theatre. A native of Chicago, he has lived in the UK since 1987. In his early career, Clark focused on applied theatre in prisons. He continues to be interested in the ways in which psychodrama, applied theatre and attachment theory can be combined in creative ways to enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

Topic for the Lecture 20th of September:

"Integrating Psychodrama and Attachment Theory"

This talk will focus on developments in contemporary attachment theory, most specifically Dr Patricia Crittenden's Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) of Attachment and Adaptation. Attachment theory is a foundational theory that can help us to understand the development of psycho-social difficulties, mental illness, offending behaviour, self-harming behaviour, substance misuse, family violence and problems in relationships. In this talk, Clark Baim will present the DMM as a theory for understanding human adaptation and psychopathology, and he will also discuss the ways in which attachment theory can be integrated with psychodrama in order to enhance the clinical effectiveness of the method and the purposeful adaptation of techniques. The talk will be based on Clark Baim's chapter entitled 'Integrating Psychodrama with Attachment Theory: Implications for Practice' in the book Empowering Therapeutic Practice: Integrating Psychodrama Into Other Therapies,' edited by Paul Holmes, Mark Farrall and Kate Kirk (2014, Jessica Kingsley Publishers).

Topic for the Workshop 21th of September:

"Integrating Psychodrama and Attachment Theory: An experiential workshop"

This practical workshop will develop themes from Clark Baim's talk on the previous afternoon. In this workshop, we will explore the ways that attachment theory can inform psychodrama. We will have a warm-up, short psychodramas, and sharing. We will discuss the dramas in reference to attachment theory. Please come prepared to participate.