claudia mühlbauer

the meaning of the group. a differentiated psychodramatic view

Sunday, 10.30 to 13.30

Claudia Mühlbauer, Psychodramatherapist und -trainer, supervisor, psychologist; living and working in Berlin and Brandenburg

As psychodramatists we believe in the positive effects of group: it is considered to be helpful to reflect and to grow. In the therapeutic setting it is meant to be even healing. But we have to realize that groups can be frightening our clients or patients. And the group setting was (ab)used e.g. to humiliate children and young people in the Children’s homes in the German Democratic Republic. A group can be a place to hide and/or to show ourself.

In the workshop I would like to reflect our biographical group experiences and to transfer these to insights how to make a group helpful for our clients in a psychodramatic way.

As it is an international conference I hope to explore together with the group how we can and have to deal with the meaning of the group taking into account intercultural differences.