Conference in honor of Juan J. Dolado

Madrid, 13-14 December 2021

“Scholars are people of library, study and scientific work. Intellectuals are specialists in everything and experts in nothing. Scholars are knowledgeable, intellectuals have opinions, and they like to publicize them at the earliest opportunity. [...] The intellectuals analyze everything systematically. They suffer from a disease for which there is still no cure: analysitis. Their second characteristic is the hedonism of self-taughtness. They hear themselves talking and eroticize. Scholars no longer exist, just as university professors no longer exist.”

Petros Markaris, Σεμινάρια φονικής γραφής

 Markaris has apparently not been in Spain.

Juan J. Dolado (as he signs his papers) or Juanjo (for his friends) exists and is an outstanding scholar. He is one of the most influential Spanish economists and a role model for economists the world over. There are many good reasons for this, as he combines great intellectual talent and great empathy and humbleness. But also, because to the great depth of his work, he adds unusual depth. He has contributed path-breaking research in econometrics, macroeconomics, labor economics and many other areas of applied economics. A group of colleagues and students decided to put together a conference showcasing research that one way or another was influenced by his work, and that is a tribute to the good health of the discipline and to people like Juanjo that have laid a foundation and who, we hope, will continue working on this impressive building for many years to come. We hope you enjoy the conference very much!