Build a Robot

What is this all about?

Our main goal is to motivate students in doing science by giving them an experience of cutting edge technology which, typically otherwise students of IITs or IISc will experience. We would like to inculcate in the students research based learning and provide them the joy of learning through hands on experience. Through these robotics workshops, we aim to make the students experience the real life applications of theories that they are learning in school.

Who are We?

ConceptOwl is a technology driven IIT-JEE/Entrance coaching platform, building India’s largest coaching chain across tier 2/3 cities. We are a joint venture with Bansal classes, India’s leading IIT-JEE company. We use our mobile and web app to deliver truly personalized learning and data driven analytics.

TypEs of RObots

  1. Smartphone Controlled Robot (SCR)
  2. Self Navigating Robot (SNR)
  3. Obstacle Avoiding Robot (OAR)

When are we doing this?

The workshop for the month of June will be held on 3rd June from 9 to 6 PM. Registration for the workshop will close on 2 June, 5:00 PM. Register before they are all filled.

How are we doing this?

    • Hands on experience
    • Programming
    • Quizzes to strengthen understanding
    • One to one interaction with the tutor

We have carefully designed the workshop into modules so that the students get the maximum benefit in a short duration of time. We will be conducting online quizzes during the workshop.