Inspired by the programmable robot by Terrapin Logo, the Bee Bot, I created a Scratch 2.0 project called Zycbot for my "Creative Computing Online Workshop' class (This online workshop was run by ScratchEd team in summer 2013, and gave me a chance to experiment and try new ways of using Scratch). The Zycbot project teaches and reinforces concepts taught using the Bee-Bot: directions, controls, importance of sequencing, storing instructions, clearing data, running a program. Here are a few versions of my project, each of them is a work in progress! This is my small programming project I can work on for fun, in between all my teaching work! Thanks to my nephew Jay, for recording the voice for Zycbot.

If you use any of these projects in your classroom to introduce some programming ideas or just for fun, do let me know!

The Zycbot Studio

zycbot screenshot

Zycbot v2 : Program Zycbot to get to his spaceship, avoid the blue water. If you click on Z, you can collect Zcons for extra points. 3 levels,

Zycbot v2.1 : This version has more levels than v2.

Teach Zycbot to draw : Inspired by Logo/ turtle graphics, this includes pen up/down commands so Zycbot can be programmed to draw. Only simple shapes since he can only move in straight lines and turn in sharp 90 degree turns!

Teach Zycbot to dance : Here the left and right, have the bots move to the left and right. They can also spin and flip so you can program them to dance. Warning, if your classroom computers have the sound turned on, your students may begin to dance along with the Zycbot they programmed, turning the class into a party!