scratch FAQ


Move to a random place on the screen?

Ask a question?

Keep asking a question till it is correct

How can you repeat the question and give the user as many chances as needed till they get the correct answer.


Add a Score

Under Data, create Make a variable and call it 'score' or anything else. You get extra blocks - see below.

Use the Set score when Green flag is clicked so it resets the score in the beginning. See 'Reset' instructions below.

Also use Change score where the score should change - example if you answer a question or touch a sprite.

See the use of Change Score above in 'Ask a question'.

Reset character costume and score when game starts.

Make a Game Over screen.

You get only 60 seconds to play this game before the screen changes to 'Game Over' and stops the game

All Sprites should hide when the game is over.

See above on how to broadcast a 'gameover' message.

For each sprite, add the following so they can hide when they receive the message

Make a You Win screen.

When the score = 10 switch to the 'You Win' background and stop the game.

Change to a different level?

Move with arrow keys?

When touching another sprite do.... ?

Make sure the sprite does not go through the maze.... ?

Make a smooth jumping action and make sure sprite does not go through the black line at the bottom (Platform)

How to make a treasure chest - add items that are in random place to a list

Go to Data and make a list. Add items to it when someone touches the sprite. See code how to add a Fortune cookie item

How to check if item is in treasure chest or list before moving to next level