Creating art with Programming Using Scratch

This is a simple first program in Scratch. It shows how art can be created programmatically, and teaches one of the most first important concepts in programming - iteration or the 'repeat' block.

Start Scratch.

Scratch has 3 main areas – the area with the program blocks, a central open area where the script is placed by moving blocks and a stage.The default character or Sprite as it is called is the Scratch Cat. In this simple example, the cat will be deleted and a user created sprite used.See below for important areas and tools.

Use the scissors icon on the top and cut out the cat

Click on the paintbrush and draw your own sprite. In the example below a simple rectangle is used.

Click on the Set Rotation center at the bottom and move the center of rotation outside the rectangle as shown below.

Go to the blocks area in Scratch and add the following script. Move blocks from different types and fit it together as shown

Double click the script to run the code. See end result on the Stage.

Modify the script to change the design. Change the turn degrees from 30 to 15 and the repeat number from 12 to 24.

Also click on Costume and edit the script to add some other brush strokes, example below

Run the script again to get a new design, see below