Digital Art Lessons

Digital Art Lessons

1. Introduction to the meaning of Digital Art and to Inkscape

  • Art concepts: Drawing tools on computer to draw perfect shapes .
  • Technology concepts: use of duplicate, undo.

2. Color on the computer : using the RGB color window to mix and create colors. Understand difference of paint color theory and computer color theory

  • Art concepts: Color theory, use of primary and mixed colors. Blending red and green to get yellow on the computer.
  • Technology concepts: use of numbers to represent colors. Understanding RGB values.
  • Math concepts: opacity of color based on number value

3. Lines are made of editable points : using the line tool in Inkscape to create shapes, modifying paths to create free formed ‘blobs’ (imaginary creatures)

  • Art concepts: use of line to create shapes, creating eyes with highlights, imaginary creatures
  • Technology concepts: editing paths, grouping objects, exporting files
  • Math concepts: editing a line by modifying points or nodes

4. Shapes: Using combination of shapes to create new shapes: using shapes, repetition and symmetry to create a bear and other animals

  • Art concepts: use of shapes to create art. Use of symmetry
  • Technology concepts: fill and stroke, movement of selections, duplication
  • Math concepts: creating triangles as polygons of 3 sides, using union of shapes

5. Creating fractals by duplicating and grouping shapes

  • Art concepts: creation of designs using symmetry and similar objects.
  • Technology concepts: creating copies of objects using duplicate and group functions.
  • Math concepts: fractals, sierpinski triangle, polygons

6. Export of all inkscape files to png format and use in Word/Pages to make greeting cards

  • Technology concepts: file types, file export, moving folders to server.