art and technology

The word technology comes from the ancient Greek words for the systematic treatment of art (technē) and logic (logia)) .

Both science and art involves the systematic use of a technique or a skill and involves the testing of ideas and theories. Artists experiment in their studios while scientist evolve ideas in their labs. Both artists and scientists study materials, nature, and people to create something new. Science is a beautiful live example of art and art is an amazingly well laid out science experiment.

Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps our best example of someone who moved with ease between the worlds of art and science and transferred his studies from one to the other. His amazing scientific drawings are a work of art, and his paintings are the subject of many scientific theories.

Some Careers that combine Art & Technology

• Architects

• Animation designers

• Graphic artists

• Art restorer

• Computer game creator

This paragraph was inspired from an excellent article on ‘The Enduring Relationship of Science and Art’ taken from the The Art Institute of Chicago web site.

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