3D tools

3D printers are here. Cheaper, better and coming soon to a table near you! This page will hopefully have a lot more to it, but here is what I have done in the 3D area.

Over the last 4 years, I have used SketchUp, a 3D tool as part of my Digital design class and as a tool to create a 3D model of a computer motherboard in my CSTEM program.

Projects done in my classes include:

  • Room design: creating the interior of a room with furniture, textures, colors, and including room dimensions
  • Exterior design: creating a house or building with swimming pools and more, and even small neighborhoods with streets and multiple houses.
  • Computer motherboard: creating a simple but labelled version of a computer motherboard

Video tutorials of some of these projects (These are my only screencast examples, I made these to help my students but they do not like to watch a video, they want me to just demo it live! )

Room design 1


Room design 2


Computer motherboard project


See Student Showcase for examples.