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PASS2 Team

Photo of Alice

Alexandra Pacuraru (Alice)


3rd Year Computer Science with Business Management student, back from a placement at THG and a summer at Barclays. Ask me anything, I love talking!

Photo of Carmen

Carmen Faura Praxedes


4th Year BSc Software Engineering student back from a placement at The Walt Disney Company & a summer internship at McKinsey & Company. Happy to answer any questions you may have!

Photo of Shino

Jingxuan Chen (Shino)


3rd Year BSc Artificial Intelligence student, 2+2 student with the Communication University of China. Find me on Instagram/WeChat: cjxhwyt (abbreviation of my name & my favourite band :D)

Photo of Brian

Brian Yim Tam


Computer Science w/ Business and Management. Feel free to ask me any placement/internship questions!

Photo of Kai

Kai Cao


3rd Year BSc Computer Science student. I didn't take a placement year so I'm not familiar with jobs, but I'm happy to answer any academic questions.

Photo of Kamil

Kamil Synak


BSc Computer Science student. I worked my ass off doing internships in Slovakia (Is it Eastern Europe?), at Autodesk and a placement at THG. Ask away!