Computational Neuroscience Journal Club

When and where do we meet?

Every other Thursday at 11 am in Goldenson Building Room 318, for about one hour. For a more detailed schedule, see the List of meetings.

How are the meetings run?

Everyone reads the meeting's paper before the meeting. The meeting's presenter gives a brief 10-15min whiteboard presentation of the paper's context and basic ideas, after which he/she leads the discussion through the rest of the paper. Everyone who attends the meetings has to present in at least one meeting.

What topics should I present?

We discuss both theories about neural computation and computational methods to analyze neural data. If you need inspiration, please check the List of meetings and the Paper pool. Please make sure to not pick topics that are more suitable for the Neuro Systems Club.

Who maintains this site?

Currently, the site is run by Jan Drugowitsch. He will do so until summer 2018, at which point the meeting's organization will be handed over to another volunteer.