Complexity from Quantum Information to Black Holes

In the past few years, notions of quantum complexity have become increasingly important in high-energy theory due to their relation to black hole interiors. This relation stems from the holographic correspondence, which relates the properties of quantum field theories to those of gravitational systems. The aim of this online workshop is to make progress toward understanding complexity in quantum field theory and holography by stimulating interactions between the high-energy and quantum information communities.

When: June 2-5, 2020
Jan de Boer (UvA), Shira Chapman (UvA), Ro Jefferson (AEI), Michal Heller (AEI), Michael Walter (UvA)
Questions? Contact Shira or Michael.

Please see our YouTube channel in case you would like to rewatch some of the talks.

Invited Speakers

Scott Aaronson (Austin)
Vijay Balasubramanian (UPenn)
Jose Barbon (Madrid)
Adam Bouland (Berkeley)
Pawel Caputa (Warsaw)
Bartek Czech (Tsinghua)

Alex Grilo (Amsterdam)
Nicole Yunger Halpern (Harvard)
Isaac Kim (Sydney)
Rob Myers (Perimeter)
Geoff Penington (Stanford)
Joan Simon Soler (Edinburgh)

Leonard Susskind (Stanford)
Brian Swingle (Maryland)
Tadashi Takayanagi (Kyoto)
Beni Yoshida (Perimeter)


All talks are scheduled for 1 hour (40 min talk + questions + short break). In addition, we will have some informal discussions after each session. You can also download a PDF schedule with multiple time zones indicated.